Local 2294 BOCC Meeting 9-1-21

On September 1st, 2021 Local 2294 representative, Chris Boles, spoke before the BOCC with member Cory Bone regarding response times, over utilization of units, the fire rescue master plan and the personal impact on Cory’s family.

Cory Bone told the story of his family’s 911 emergency that happened last year. He was hired with Class 20-01. After the pinning ceremony his father coded at his house. His father lived in the Brandon area and no units were available. Cory arrived prior to any Fire Rescue units and performed CPR on his own father. The crews that did arrive shortly after did everything right and gave him the best chance at life, but they were just too far away. The Commissioners were open to the conversation and listened to the impact of how his family’s life was affected with our current over stressed EMS system.

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