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Who are we? We are the men and women of Hillsborough County Firefighters. Just like the citizens we serve every day, we are husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, sons and daughters. We are dedicated to making our community a better place, both on and off duty. Some of our ongoing public outreach programs include supporting local schools, civic associations and groups with their events.

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Our Community

The men and women of Hillsborough County Fire Fighters, Local 2294 are dedicated to making our community a better place whether we are working on or off duty. We host and take part in several events each year to support local organizations. We also engage with our community in day-to-day activities. Take a look at some of what we do.

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Our Charity

Hillsborough County Firefighter Charities mission is to provide community and educational support to the citizens of Hillsborough County and to provide a support system to the families of fallen fire service personnel. We have had the opportunity to impact the lives of several families of fallen firefighters, as well as a number of individuals within Hillsborough County.

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“One man’s trash is another one’s treasure, but for fire fighters, too much of it packed into a home will turn all of it into dangerous fuel for active fires. Fire fighters are increasingly battling fires made vastly more hazardous by hoarding.”


“Containing a fire in a home where hoarding is an issue can take twice as many fire fighters and twice as long. In the best of conditions, when rooms are sparsely furnished and clear of clutter, fire fighters sometimes must blindly follow a search pattern along walls and furniture. Excessive clutter can throw fire fighters off and seriously hamper rescue efforts.”

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The number of adults that admit to
using their phone while driving



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The number of accidents caused
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Our Partners

Florida West Coast Credit Union

Did you know that Hillsborough County Employees have their own “exclusive” credit union? FWCCU was established in 1942 as “The Hillsborough County Employees Credit Union.” In 1978, Pasco County employees became eligible to join and the name later then changed to Florida West Coast Credit Union.

Did you know all employees who join, become an owner and a share holder?

Members can enjoy:

  • NEW Mobile App (Remote Deposit Capture)
  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Higher dividend rates on savings and investments
  • Membership in FWCCU is available to all your family members